Better frying practices

The National Institute of Industrial Technology (INTI), through its Cereals and Oleaginous Crop Center, determines the exact limit values for the maximum reuse of vegetable oil.

It also offers training to all UCO generators and to businesses and institutions which are directly or indirectly involved in this subject (food scientists, people in charge of food control, etc.).


Better Frying Practices (BFP)

How to correctly fry your food

  • During the frying process the same oil is re-used repeatedly, thus it is exposed to extreme heat and humidity conditions.
  • The oil and the particles of food fried in it undergo a rapid deterioration.
  • An incorrect frying practice increases the oil absorbed by the food, reduces its nutritional value and generates components that are toxic.
  • The Cereals and Oleaginous Crop Center, which is part of INTI, offers you the opportunity to improve the quality of your fried products by training in BFP, which will show you the process of frying, from the election of the best oils to its correct disposal.

... vegetable oils used for cooking have a maximum reusable limit which every gastronomical business should take into account to deliver a healthy product to their customers?

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