jul 2014


RBA Ambiental renewed its traceability system certification under ISCC norms

RBA Ambiental, the first argentine company to certify its UCO traceability system under ISCC standards, has also certified the Brown Grease/Grease trap fat that it collects.

In July 2014, RBA renewed ...


jul 2013


RBA Ambiental certified its traceability system under the ISCC norms.

Last June, RBA obtained the ISCC certification for its UCO traceability system.  This means a great achievement to the company and a really competitive advantage for it’s over 7,000 clients.

The ...


jul 2013


RBA Ambiental introduced the Bio Program in Junín.

The BIO Program, which will permit the recovery and treatment of Used Vegetable Oils (UCO) for the generation of biofuels, was introduced at MUMA. The Municipal Mayor, Mr. Mario Meoni, ...


jul 2013


Junín introduced the Bio Plan for the recovery and treatment of Used Vegetable Oil

The generation of biofuels as an objective.

Junín started the “Bio Plan”, whose main objective is the recovery and treatment of used vegetable oils (UCO) to generate biofuels. Therefore, companies, institutions, ...

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