RBA Ambiental’s Commitment

At RBA Ambiental, we proudly sustain the values of our founder Don José María Porcille: honesty, frankness and commitment to our work, and to others.

These values have guided our company throughout its history, driving the development of new recycling solutions that guarantee sustainable development and environmental protection as well.

Our values:

  • Client Oriented: Our goal is to serve our clients. Therefore, we do our best in order to offer an efficient service and provide a superior quality treatment to our clients.
  • Personality: We do what is right without hesitation, with honesty and the commitment necessary to contribute to a Sustainable Regional Development.
  • Courage: To talk, to take part, debate, think, dream and take the initiative, to suggest and implement new solutions.
  • Respect: We promote actions that care for people`s health, keep the environment safe and promote the development of renewable energy.
  • Honesty: To be faithful to our values, ensuring seriousness, proficiency and efficiency in management.

RBA Ambiental’s Commitment is present in each action we carry out. Among them, to always select the “greenest” technologies available in the market for our processes and future projects.

When your company chooses RBA Ambiental, you also choose to share our ethical responsibilities and commitment towards health and the environment.

... Did you know that over 50% of the clogging of the drain system in New York City is due to illegal UCO discharge into sewers and pipes?

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