Community Programs


RBA Ambiental works together with hundreds of municipalities as well as with NGOs that provide “Green Points” services, where people can take the UCO (Used Cooking Oil) generated at their homes and, in this way, make a contribution to benefit their community in the following ways:

  • Avoid the irresponsible reuse of cooking oil in the preparation of meals that could harm people’s health.
  • Minimize the environmental pollution produced by disposing of UCO incorrectly, as when poured into drains, sewers or directly to the soil.

In addition, RBA Ambiental has developed a UCO collection and disposal training program, which it offers to companies to complement their corporate responsibility and social management programs.

... the correct disposal of UCO allows its reutilization as an energy resource for the transportation industry and that, in this way, this reduces its dependence on mineral fuels and reduces the carbon footprint that this industry generates?

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