Bioenergy RBA Ambiental


The UCO collected by RBA Ambiental is turned into 2G Bioenergy.

What is 2G Bioenergy?

2G Bioenergy or 2nd Generation Bioenergy uses UCO (Used Cooking Oil) collected from our clients as raw material (a raw material which does not compete for the use of agricultural lands) that, in addition, is elaborated by using the best technological processes available.

2G Bioenergy is very effective when replacing fossil fuels without using feeding crops and also combats global warming by reducing greenhouse gas emissions while saving energy.

RBA Ambiental produces 2G Bioenergy from the collection and treatment of UCO recycled domestically and from gastronomic and industrial generators. Besides, RBA Ambiental is the only national company capable of collecting and processing all the UCO generated in Argentina, all in accordance with applicable legal requirements and supported by its strategic partners and the other institutions with which it shares cooperation agreements.

Bioenergy RBA Ambiental guarantees that Used Cooking Oil is turned into clean energy, in 2nd Generation Bioenergy. 

... sed cooking oil is a liquid that represents a huge threat to the environment? , and that 1 liter of UCO poured into the drainage system contaminates 1,000 liters of water?invernadero que genera el petrodiesel?

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