Recycling Process

  • Household UCO Generator

    Your participation in the UCO recycling process is essential to reduce the environmental impact of this residue. Once cold, you can collect it in a covered plastic container and take it to a Green Point for its correct disposal.

    In Argentina, if ½ litre of UCO a month were collected for every 5 inhabitants, we would recycle approximately 4,000,000 litres of UCO per month, avoiding the potential contamination of 4 million tons of clean water.

  • Gastronomic or Industrial UCO Generator

    The used cooking oil, which comes from different establishments, is collected safely, freeing you from the responsibility of dealing with this residue and also complying with current regulations for the correct UCO disposal.

  • Collection

    Directly from a gastronomic or industrial generator, from a Green Point or from a Regional Storage Center, RBA Ambiental collects UCO (which has been stored in special containers) and transports it to the Industrial Plant in Bella Vista for its subsequent treatment.

  • Treatment

    All the UCO which has been collected nationally is received in our modern vegetable oil treatment plant, which is equipped with the latest and most innovative technology. The goal is to clean it from the undesired components that originated during its use, and to purify it.
    El objetivo que se persigue es limpiar los componentes indeseables originados durante el uso del aceite y su purificación.

  • Bioenergy

    The 2G Bioenergy is really efficient in replacing fossil fuels without using crops intended for consumption, and it also helps to prevent global warming as it significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions as well as economizes energy.

... the biofuel from UCO reduces in 88% the greenhouse gas emissions generated by mineral diesel?

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